Home Staging & Deco

There’s no doubt that in nature the shape that more directly brings to mind the word ‘home’ is that of a hive. Its hexagonal shape, representing efficiency and good use of space, inspired us to create our brand image. It is that efficiency, together with a staging that communicates emotions, that we seek in each of the projects we set out on. 

Home staging is a real estate marketing technique aimed to prepare an apartment or villa for sale or renting. It involves fitting a place in a natural way getting your property to show its full potential and create ‘love at first sight’ to sell or buy faster and at the best price.

“If there’s not a first good picture, the battle is probably lost.”

Source: Michael Seiler, Idealista.

How do we do it?

We analyse the initial state of the property, the market where it is in and the potential buyer profile.

We carry out all necessary staging steps to create open, functional, cozy   spaces, and a lifestyle image that the client can relate to, a place where one is willing to live in.

Once we finish staging phase, we provide professional photography services.

Benefits of Home Staging

  • First impressions are key. 90 seconds are enough for the buyer to decide whether one is interested in the property.
  • Just 10% of people are able to visualise spaces. Home staging provides functionality and properly divides spaces.
  • Thanks to home staging, renting or buying decisions are made faster with less haggling. Home staging also drives a higher number of visits to the property.
  • As the property is sold or rented faster, it results on savings on mortgage, supplies or taxes.
  • High quality photography. For 96% of the people who see an ad, pictures are the most important part of the ad; and 60% of the time spent reviewing an ad, is spent looking at the pictures.

We are your Home Staging company in Mallorca.